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Daniels Leather Works is the global marketplace for creative and unique leather goods and products. We are home to a world of unique, extraordinary, and special vintage leather treasures and handcrafted pieces. Daniels Leather Works specializes in designing made-to-order handcrafted leather goods and products like custom leather wallets, hats, bags, costumes, keychain collections, and accessories.

During these times of increasing automation, Daniels Leather Works strives to sustain human connection at the core of business commerce. Daniels Leather Works is built with creative-thinking visionaries striving to help the US population enjoy quality leather products, goods, and accessories. We source our leather locally and responsibly to keep down the environmental footprints. Owned by a disabled veteran, Daniel Leather Works specializes in providing handcrafted leather goods to the US people. As a company, we make all-out efforts to conform to our guiding principles to spread responsibility and sustainability ideas.

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Daniels Leather Works Embraces Worldwide Inspirations from Talented Artisans!

From Mexico to Wisconsin, from Shanghai to Italy, Daniels Leather Works has embraced worldwide inspirations from talented leather artisans to deliver quality handcrafted products. Daniels Leather Works’ expansive global network and connection of artisans provide us with the motivation to design the next custom-made leather good for you.

We closely collaborate with talented artisans and skilled craftsmen to design full-grained, made-to-order leather products with a lifetime warranty. Our tools are our passion – the inspirations we manifest are the beginning of something new, engaging, and intriguing! We closely work with artisans sharing a similar passion for excellent service standards – our demand for authenticity has helped us become a trusted name for leather goods providers.


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